Farm History

The Farmington Ridge Farm

In 1997 we purchased 40 acres from an 80 acre farm on Ranch Road in the Township of Farmington, Jefferson County, Wisconsin. We then built our home on the hill. Surrounding farms include Farmington East, Farmington West, Farmington North etc. so with the ridge running North and South through the property Farmington Ridge we became.

For the next 20 years we regretted that we did not purchase the complete farm with house, barn and outbuildings. Fortunately for us it became available and we were in a position to be able to purchase it. At last, the farm is whole again. However, 20 years of neglect became a full-time job for Mike in his retirement.

As we continue to prepare for the wedding reception for our youngest daughter the back 40 is slowly turning into an event barn.

In Feb. of 2019 the Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc went out of business and all contents liquidated. Opportunity knocked and we purchased the front and back bars from the Crickets Lounge. Piece by piece it has been rebuilt and refinished. We now have “Crickets in the Barn” at Farmington Ridge.

Never a dull moment here.